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Traditional marketing approaches may not work any more. There are many contemporary marketing strategies that you should try to take your business to the next level with.  Promotional bags, badges and customized t-shirts are often used to spread awareness about a product, brand, service, or an issue-cause. With an attractively design and printed promotional item you can virtually spread the word about anything and get your message to your audience with style.

When you decide to design and print custom t-shirts, bags, caps, etc, you have to consider the printing options first.  There are various ways of printing, but depending on the substrate on which you want to print and the quality of the output, you have to choose the right method.

Most of the modern printers prefer
silk screen printing when it comes to print customized items like promotional bags, badges, promotional items, t-shirts etc. Select what is to be screen printed on the t-shirt or promotional bag. First of all, you have to figure out the theme or the design that you want to print on the item. Simple logo or small designs can be best printed in screen printing process. When you need to print something attractive, colorful and large in size heat transfer can give you a better output.

While choosing the item or the design to print on the t-shirt or the promo bag, you need to decide how you want to promote or market your brand. Maybe just printing the corporate logo of your business is enough to get the concept through. Sometimes you might decide to print the colors of your business logo on the t-shirt or the promotional item; you have to consider talking with a marketing expert to figure out the best way of attracting your target audience.

You should never forget one thing; the item must reflect, rather represent, your business efficiently. The design should be made in such a way that contains the flavor of your business. Then with silk screen printing you can get the design printed on the promotional items.

Full color heat transfer is another process that helps to print photographic images on promotional items like coffee mug, tiles etc. However, when you decide to print customized t-shirts, screen printing can be a good option for you.

While choosing the printing process, you have to consider the design and the substrate – both play a crucial role here. For example, if you are going to print something on a polymeric substrate, off-set may not give you quality output. Based on the substrate and the type of design you have to choose the right printing process.

Types of Promotional Items

Varieties of promotional items are available in the market; when you talk to a screen printing service provider in your area, you can ask what kind of promotional items they have in their store. They can help you come up with a good idea too.

If you have already decided that you want to make customized t-shirts, ask your silk screen printing service provider to assist you with further details. A professional printer can help you get the most effective promotional item designed for your business.

Silk Screen Printing- The Entire Process Explained

Screen printing is one of the most proven and popular woven meshing technique as it results in a high quality fine print. In this the ink is transferred on high quality silk, which primarily acts as a printable material. In this process, the role of roller is imperative as it is moved across the stencil to force or pump the ink. The stencil method of printing is also hit due to one more reason; the quality of print not only comes out to be fine but is too fine looking on almost all kinds of silk.

Silk Screen Printing Technique

The technique of silk screen printing and embroidery screen printing is more or less the same; the basic difference is that the quality of print in the embroidered one comes out as thick. The materials that are used in the silk screen printing are:

  • Caviar Beads: - These are the small plastic beads that work within a sold block to come out with an impressive and interesting tactile surface.
  • Discharge Ink: - This ink is primarily used to print out light colors of dark colored silk patterns or fabric. These inks are not as greasy and graphic as the plastisol inks and this is the reason that getting a pattern of almost an exact color is possible.
  • Cracking Ink: - This ink is generated by cracking the dried surface.
  • Flocking: - Flocking is the thing that holds the quality of silk screen printing. In this the glue printed on the fabric is later on placed on a flock and the end result is that you have velvet like embroidery on the silk fabric.
  • Shimmers And Glitters: - These are the things that add worth to the embroidery screen printing as with this the end product appears glossy and classy. Usually gold and silver shimmers are used on silk, being it a sensitive fabric.
  • Suede Ink: - Suede is milk colored additive that is added to plastisol.
  • Water Based Inks: - Water based inks penetrate through silk to give it a softer feel. If having a light colored silk, then usage of these inks is most recommended.

It can be surely said that silk screen printing is a process helps you get versatile as far as the fabric printing techniques are concerned.

What Is A Silk Screen Printing Press?

A silk screen printing press is a device used to design designs of garments and this process is so easy that even an amateur printer can go in for this. Most of these embroidery screen printing machines or presses are pretty much manual and this is why coming out with almost any kind of designs is possible.

Anyone who wishes to choose an embroidery screen printing press or agency needs to keep in mind only an experienced one is chosen for the job and it would be a great move to have a look at the past samples as this will help you decide on the efficacy factor.


Embroidery screen printing is one of the most important printing methodologies that are being used these days to come out with impressive prints.


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