Money Saving Tips When Embroidering.

3Nuts Inc. has created a checklist of money saving tips for your next Embrodery order to ensure you get the best value.

1. Apparel Options.
Pick the right polo, or cap. There are many styles to choose from, to reduce your cost would reduce the quality in most cases, but there are many styles that will fit your needs.

2. Reduce the number of stitches on your design.
Embroidery prices are almost always based on stiches and how large the design is. The bigger the design, the more stitches. So by reducing the amount of stitches will save you some cash.

3. Get the right quantity.
A good price break with our company is at 25 pcs. Typical price breaks are 25, 100, 300, 900, 2500 etc. Ask our assitants to clarify their price breaks for you.

Although technology has come a long way, it can still be difficult to determine if your logo can be embroidered or not. Here are some guidelines to help you when you want to have something embroidered.

A. Text.
Too much text can be a nightmare, not to mention it can get very expensive. Most embroidery is done in a chest location or on the front of a hat. If you have too much text, consider simplifying it.
B. Color and Complexity.
Artwork that has a lot of fine detail is an embroidery no-no. Again, consider the size restrictions you'll have for your design.
C. Fabric/Garment Selection.
They type of fabric to be embroidered can also determine how nice or how bad the embroidery looks. In general, a medium weight fabric that is "smooth" is going to be your friend. So to recap… limit text, simplify wherever possible, keep your colors to 3-5 maximum and select a embroidery friendly fabric..

We are built on repeat business and referrals from satisfied customers, 3Nuts Inc has grown to be a leading supplier in the t-shirt printing & Embroidery Industry in the United States.

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