The images will give you a visual aid of the quality needed for screen-printing.
T shirt, Scanned for T shirt
The scanned image needs cleaning even after scanning. The eraser marks, pencil marks, finger prints, and the actual paper fibers have to be removed or cleaned up. Even if we only wanted the scanned image as is.

This FIRST step is to recreate the image. To create image into a PRINTABLE format.

Image on the left gives us the example before artwork is turned to a high resolution Raster image or Vector file. We will be talking about the different formats needed for printing a little later.

Design on paper? Don't worry about it. We have you covered. We can help you out in house with our graphic artist. So if you have your design on paper or simply have an idea bring it in, email us or call us at 702 795 3688.

What format? Vector format is a design that is in outline form (outlines is a format that can be manipulated by pull, curves or laso) most file extenstions for this artwork is .ai, .eps. Vector is not like a photo. It is a strict outline format.


Like in a scanned image even a design created on computer still needs help.

A photo or Raster Image is generated in raster programs such as Photoshop. These files get pixelated or rastered, causing the design to have a low amount of pixels. When creating a rastor image, the file size has to be 200 dpi and at the size of the print.

Artwork Ready? Lets find out. If you are a graphic artist you might have an idea what a vector file is, or a high resolution image.

In order to give you a quality print the image has to be in 200 dpi (dots per inch) and at the size of the t shirt print. Usually clients email it or have it ready on disk or flash drive. Most of the time it is created by Graphic artists. The more contrast an image has the better and easier it is to seperate the colors. Artwork Charges may not apply in most cases.

In most cases when the design is more than one color and has a high resolution and/or vector then no color separation charges apply. Sometimes even with a good image and size, Color Separation charges may apply due to the details, shadows, gradients, blendings of colors - I can go ON - we do take our time and prepare the Artwork correctly. If not you will not enjoy your scrren-print on the t shirts.


PRINTABLE format? What do we mean. The design has to be atleast at 200 dpi (dots per inch) at the size of the screen-print. The more details the design, the higher the resolution should be. If you have a Vector file like we spoke about earlier then don't worry about the resolution. In most cases and files provided in vector most color separation charges, need not apply.

    From computer to T shirt..
    Below you will find image 1. which is a computer simulation of the T shirt print. Image 2. is a picture of the actual print on the T shirt.
    1. T shirt print before and after print
    2. Actual t shirt print