When it comes to custom apparel, 3Nuts is your one stop T-shirt Screen Printing and Embroidery Company here in Las Vegas that is committed to providing only the highest quality t-shirt printing and embroidery services to our customers.  We have been in the Las Vegas custom apparel business since 2000.  All our Screen Printing and Embroidery is done In-House here in Las Vegas, NV. We offer low prices, quick turnaround times, fast & friendly customer service, and are constantly looking to improve your experience.  We will be changing our promotional discounts constantly to benefit all of our customers.  Please remember to come back and check in with us periodically for discounts.

Whether you're looking to get custom embroidered t-shirts for your small business, or need hats and screen printed t-shirts for your  organization, school group,  family reunion t-shirts, conventions, events or would like to give your employees an embroidered fleece for the holidays. Aside from 3Nuts offering In House Screen Printing and Embroidery, we also provided our online screen printing design application for your custom t-shirt needs all at the lowest direct pricing with fastest delivery time; all backed by our 25 years of experience in the Screen Printing and Embroidery Apparel and Garment Industry.

Please take a moment to navigate through our site for a comprehensive look at how we can help you get what you want, when you want it, and most importantly, how you want it. If you would like to discuss a t-shirt printing or embroidery project further or have any questions, please contact us at our Las Vegas Shop at 702-795-3688.

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Behind any successful product there are great sales and marketing plans and initiatives. People use various kinds of tactics and measures to woo the public so that they become loyal customers of the product. But until and unless, the marketing and promotion are really something unique, people do not show much interest. This is the reason that promotional T-shirts change have been observed in the various marketing techniques globally and are one of the most effective way of getting your Brand, product, and services out to your audience. Newer and more innovative techniques and tactics are being adopted to make the marketing campaigns successful. Giving out promotional t-shirts to the customers is one of the ways of marketing that many companies are doing nowadays. Similar t-shirts are also worn by the marketing executives so that customers can identify them with their product.

Getting promotional T-shirts in all sizes and for both genders

To have a great and successful marketing campaign, it is very important to reach out to large masses and convey the message to them. And if marketing attempts are being made by offering promotional t-shirts to the customers, certain things have to be remembered for the same. It is very important that all the t-shirts are exactly similar looking and made of the same materials, as well as keeping specific company or product colors uniform. It is recommended that such t-shirts should be ordered from a single place so that there are no differences between the t-shirts that are to be used for promotional purposes.

Apart from that, it is also important to have the t-shirts for both men and women. With this, it will be possible to market the product to a larger mass for sure. Also check that the t-shirts are made available in different sizes. It is quite obvious that different people use t-shirts in different sizes. While some people use the small ‘S’ size, some use the medium ‘M’ size, some use large ‘L’ size and some extra-large ‘XL’. The size will depend on the body structure of the person and is applicable for both men and women.

Choosing the right company for providing the Promotional T-shirts

It is quite natural that to get the promotional t-shirts, you need to contact a professional t-shirt printing company such as 3Nuts.com. Choosing the right embroidery t-shirt company is very important in this regard. Nowadays most of such companies allow the customers to suggest their own designs for the t-shirts and they carry forward the job of printing or doing the embroidery work on the material. However, the companies might suggest some designs to the customers as well and if the customer likes, the design can be selected as well.

If you are confused as where to find such companies who work on promotional tshirts, 3Nuts.com is your answer. There are many companies who do these jobs online, but few that deliver on time, quality products, and meet all small to large demands. You can select from the various options online and place your orders for the same. In fact, you can also create your own unique design and want that printed on the t-shirts. Make sure that you give clear specifications while placing the orders so that there is no confusion later. The things are delivered to your doorstep after the order is done.  If you don't have a design ready, our staff at 3Nuts.com can create one for you.   Get your company and product out into your audience today with your personal company Promotional T-shirts!


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Custom Apparel Can Turn Out To Be a Great Gift Item

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With the festive time round the corner, most of the people are meddling hard to find some good gifting items. If one closely monitors the trend that has ruled in past few years, it can be surely said that the custom t shirts have been a hot pick. Not only these t-shirts but the entire custom apparel niche has been a hot favorite when it comes to gifting family and friends with something special. The stores, both online and offline ones are decked up with beautiful looking tees containing enticing messages that would enthrall the recipient. If you have a massive shopping list and you feel that the budget is going to be a big issue, then buying custom apparel would prove to be a great idea.

There are many big brands that are creating Christmas t-shirts in various different patterns to ensure that the wearer, be that of any age loves to wear them. You will easily find long sleeved tees of white color present in the market that contain snowflakes in their design or other sparking prints. There are many people who are considering buying custom t shirts instead of cards and gifts as they feel that the recipients should be gifted with something usable and practical.

These parties are also in trend these days, you can send any of the custom apparel items to your guests and request them to arrive in the party wearing these. This is not only going to create uniformity, but also make people get drenched in that festive fervor. These custom t shirts can also act as a great party favor option as most of the people have realized that there is no fun in giving those candles, bottle openers and photo frames as these items are going to remain in the closet of the recipient and may be never come out. On the other hand if these t shirts are gifted, one can be rest assured that the recipient is going to wear them once or more and appreciate that wonderful gesture.

Another interesting area where these custom apparel items are a big hit is brand promotion. There are many brands that are giving away custom made t shirts this festive season to make their customer base feel special and also add a bit to their brand promotion campaigns. Even people have become smart and they don’t like to receive gifts that do not come out of any use and this is the reason that getting custom t shirts would definitely bring a smile on their face.

No matter what the design is any custom apparel item that looks trendy and is made of good quality fabric is going to remain in the heart of the recipients for years to come. It can be surely said that going in for these custom t shirts this season would not only leave the recipient happy, but also keep your budget intact.

So, get a bit creative and come out with some impressive designs and then ask the custom apparel making company to come out with some good gifting options.


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Business houses take up different ways to promote their products or services. Some of them print company logo or product pictures on coffee mugs, some of them develop custom pens, hats, notepads whereas, some start giveaways, sweepstakes and contests.

Custom Embroidered Tshirt design is another great way to promote your business; and local Las Vegas tshirt embroidery services like 3Nuts.com helps organizations, institutes and business houses to design and print custom tshirts in bulk.

Schools, colleges, corporate events, clubs, non-profit organizations and church to big corporation houses – all need custom tshirts for the members with their brand logo sewn on it. Local embroidery services come in handy. They take your order and deliver the finished product in top quality condition within deadline.

It is always good to deal with local companies; this helps you avoid a lot of miscommunications. Moreover, you can save some money as local companies often quote reduced price because no shipping cost is involved. Hence, if you are from Las Vegas, looking for local embroidery services, choose 3Nuts.com for quality results.

3Nuts.com offers a user-friendly way to get your advertising or promotional items designed online. The online design center lets you submit your order in three easy steps.

  1. Pick your product: You have to choose the product you want to design. It can be t shirt, hoodie, athletic wear, polo’s etc. Select the item and move on to the next step.
  2. Choose color: You have to select the right color from the swatch. It displays various shades, just go through the list of available colors and select the one that best suits the item.
  3. Upload image or logo: Upload the image or logo that is to be embroidered on the t shirt or other item.

 Specify the number of items you need. At 3Nuts.com, our Embroidery services department prepares the order to your exact liking, without any delay.

The best thing is you do not need to visit any local store – everything is handled online and you get the finished product at your doorstep. You can design custom tshirts anytime and from any where. Just log on to the 3Nuts.com website and follow the instructions.

To make things faster, make sure you have following things ready with you:

  • Finalize the type of product: Discuss with your team which product would better suit your advertising or promotional objectives.
  • Fix the number of products in advance: If you are going to embroider t-shirts, make sure you know how many such t-shirts you need; otherwise, you won’t be able to place the order.
  • Keep image/logo ready: Make sure you have a digital copy of the image or logo that is to be embroidered on the product. Scan the image before you visit our Las Vegas t-shirt embroidery services website and save a copy in CD, pen drive or local hard disk.

Hence, designing promotional items is not at all difficult these days. 3Nuts.com, Las Vegas tshirt printing, embroidery, and screen printing service provider helps you get your products designed online. Now you can embroider your company logo on employees’ t-shirts, hats, jackets and sweatshirts with just few clicks of mouse.


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Custom T Shirt Embroidery is In Trend These Days

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Custom tshirt printing is in great demand these days as people who love to stay in style consider this as a unique option that allows them to stay in style. The tshirt embroidery companies are making all possible efforts to come out with the patterns that not only look good but made the tshirt look a unique buy also. Embroidery is a process in which a thread in stitched in different patterns on a tshirt giving it the form of a design. Anyone who wants to come out with a unique style statement can go in for these custom embroidered tshirts. In custom tshirt embroidery you are given complete control over the pattern you want, the colors that you want to get the embroidery done and the kind of embellishments desired.

There are many impressive reasons why this custom tshirt embroidery is being considered as a wonderful styling option. You can make use of ink to come out with a professional design using tshirt embroidery. Even the logos that have been already created can be altered using the custom tshirt embroidery technique. These threads tend to work wonders to come out with any kind of design. In the other printing options, it is quite difficult to get small sized designed, where as in embroidery this things becomes quite easy. Another big reason why people are going in for custom tshirt embroidery is that it costs less as compared to the other patterns such as screen printing.

Embroidery saves time; you can get embroidery done on more than 4-5 pieces of cloth at a given time. It can be said that the more the number of stitches, the more is going to be the cost of custom tshirt embroidery.

Custom Tshirt Embroidery- A Perfect Marketing Tool

These days, where each day we notice a new brand promotion technique, custom tshirt embroidery is surely acting as one of the most preferred one. Ink printing gets dull with the passage of time, but the shine and elegance of embroidery remains the same for years if good quality threads are used. You can get your brand name embroidered on the t shirts using some simple yet classy embellishments as then the tshirt is going to become a marketing tool or your dynamic business card.

It is always advisable to get the brand name embroidered on light colored tshirts as this will give more visibility to the things that are written and will surely grab everyone’s attention. It is a comprehensible fact that words of mouth travel faster than the other media and this is why custom tshirt embroidery has been acting as a good brand promotional tool.



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